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Medieval 2nd ed. knights mace

Medieval 2nd ed. knights mace

Forgotten Dreams products are characterized by an exceptional quality, which is achieved by passion, an eye for detail, and by many years of manufacturing experience "made in Germany".

Through strict compliance of the highest safety standards this product is especially intended for LARP battles. That way all FDD swords and shields are permitted for every Live Action Role Play.

This product is made of a fibreglass-core-rod which is wrapped by a thick foam coating. The upper end of the core-rod is additionally bolstered to avoid the outbreak of the core-rod under tough conditions. The foam is coated with latex and gets an authentic coloration afterwards which supports a realistic look. Additionally the weapon is treated with a gloss-finish which protects from abrasion.

Measurements: Length: 75cm
Material: Closed cell chemical interconnected Polyethylene-Foam, latex and flexible gloss-coating

Disclaimer: All items shown here were especially designed to safely portray fights in controlled environments like liveroleplay events, theater stages etc.. The foam weapons are made with a glass reinforced plastic rod as a core, fully encapsulated in soft foam to avoid injuries.

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