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Cretzer Katzbalger

The "Cretzer" Katzbalger mady by Calimacil in Canada is a short arming sword from the renaissance period, most distinctively by his figure-8 shaped guard. It was wielded by lansquenets to keep the upper hand in the chaos of battle. The slim blade is like the rest made from extra stury special foam, the trademark of Calimacil. The decorative guard is removable. This prevents it from ripping off in battle, and further helps transporting the weapon.

With its many decorations and crafted details, "Cretzer" is a beautiful and fast Off-hand weapon.

Material: Gfk, foam
Total length: 77,5 cm
Blade length: 55, 5 cm
Weight: ca. 310 g

Bei Polsterwaffen von Calimacil kann es fertigungsbedingt zu kleinen Löchern im Schaumstoff kommen.

Alle Artikel des Herstellers "Calimacil" werden in einer kleinen Manufaktur in Kanada von Hand gefertigt. Wir versuchen zwar jederzeit alle Artikel auf Lager zu haben, es können allerdings leider trotzdem Wartezeiten von bis zu 10 Wochen bei vergriffenen Artikeln aufkommen.

Disclaimer: All items shown here were especially designed to safely portray fights in controlled environments like liveroleplay events, theater stages etc.. The foam weapons are made with a glass reinforced plastic rod as a core, fully encapsulated in soft foam to avoid injuries.

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