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Doran daggersheath

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Info sui prodotti "Doran daggersheath"

This daggersheath fits many daggers and short swords.
Built in the typical "Doran" systems' style it is combinable with all the other articles from this line.
The rivets make the sheath look more "rough".

Material: Leather and rivets
Colours: black, brown

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Doran beltholder
A beltholder is a neat thing to have: just clip your belongings to it. You can attach most everything to it: gloves, cups and weapons - everything fits into this leather belt-attachment.Material: Split LeatherColours: black, brown

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Doran hornloop
This hornloop with buckle makes the carrying of every sort of horn far easier, than in your hand. Simply place it on your belt and have two free hands to work with. You can also adjust it to hold your axe or any kind of sword.Material: split leatherColour: black, brownAll other articles from our \\"Doran\\" series can be found here.

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Doran belt slim
A simple leather belt. Fits most character classes. It is closed with a buckle. The belt is made from riveted leather parts.Length: 123cmWidth: 2,2cmColour: black, brown

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Doran throwing daggersheath
This sheath is made for one single throwing dagger. It is easy to combine with our very own Doran crossbelt.You should always keep a "little helper" hidden somewhere...Material: Split LeatherColour: black, brownAll other \\"Doran\\" systems articles can be found here.

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Fodero per pugnale Geralt
Il fodero da pugnale Geralt può essere indossato sia verticalmente che orizzontalmente sulla cintura, sugli schinieri o su qualsiasi altro supporto. Materiale: cuoioColore: marrone e nero

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Alistair greaves 2nd Edition
The "Alistair" greaves were produced by the Italian leather Manufactory "Fucina del Drago". They are made of high quality cowhide leather, tanned in Tuscany, and consist of three solid riveted segments. Overlapping, with punched ornamental beading and asymmetric curved lines, they remind of leaves or dragon scales. The greaves Alistair are excellent for fantastic roles such as elves or rangers. Due to the conical shape and the wide recess for the foot, they sit comfortably even during longer marches. They are closed with sturdy leather straps and cast buckles made of Zamak.   The Italian company "Fucina del Drago" in english "Dragon Forge" is known for particularly beautiful leather products. Only high-quality leather is processed there. Elaborate decorations and the antique patina make these armor parts a real eye-catcher. Material: LeatherLength: 40 cmWidth: 22.5 cm - 28.5 cm Leather is a natural product and adopts dye products differently . The hue may differ from the picture.

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Lion Bracciali 2nd ED
I bracciali "Lion" sono stati realizzati a mano in cuoio di alta qualità da "Fucina del Drago" in Italia. Abbinati alla serie "Lion", sono decorati con fini rivetti ornamentali e un segmento aggiuntivo curvo sul gomito. Sono chiusi con cinghie robuste e fibbie in metallo fuso.L'azienda italiana "Fucina del Drago" in inglese "Dragon's Forge" è nota per i suoi prodotti in pelle particolarmente belli. Qui viene lavorata solo la pelle di alta qualità. Le elaborate decorazioni e la patina antica rendono queste parti di armatura un vero colpo d'occhio.Materiale: tomaiaLunghezza: 23 cmLarghezza: 27 cmPeso: 370 gColori: nero, marroneLa pelle è un prodotto naturale cui vengono applicati diversamente i prodotti di tintura. La tonalità potrebbe differire dall'immagine.

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Arthur padded greaves
These are the matching greaves from our "Arthur" series.The greaves are backstiched in diamond-shapes and therefore very flexible when moving. The padding-effect is not neglected, but instead maximized by a plus in material. The two buckle-straps allow an individual adjustment to the wearers bods.Material: canvas, polyesterUnisize/adjustableColours: black

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Aaron Mantello Cotone Verde
Semplice ma indispensabile! Questo mantello ha un taglio classico con cappuccio tondo. Si chiude al collo con un bottone metallico ed è realizzato in robusto canvas, ideale per le giornate più fredde e piovose. L'incredibile rapporto qualità-prezzo lo rende uno dei nostri articoli preferiti. Il mantello è disponibile in vari colori in modo che corrisponda a quasi tutti i tipi di costumi. Un compagno fedele ad un ottimo prezzo!Taglia Unica Lunghezza: aprox. 140 cm Tessuto: 100% cotone Peso: 1,3 Kg

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