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Drinking horn 0,5l with horn holder

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Info sui prodotti "Drinking horn 0,5l with horn holder"

Set of drinking horn 0.5l and Doran drinking horn holder black at a special price!

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Corno potorio
Ogni bevanda ha il suo contenitore e l’idromele viene bevuto solitamente nel corno potorio. Corni naturali e per questo diversi tra loro per colore e per forma. Tutti i corni vengono levigati, lucidati e trattati con resina alimentare nell’interno. Non lavare in lavastoviglie e di tanto in tanto oliare. Materiale: corno di bovinoVolume: 0,3 l

9,90 €*
Drinking horn 0,6l Limited Edition
Every beverage has its own container it should be drank from. Mead is traditionally drank from a horn. The "pendulum horn" game is played by drinkers, passing the horn in the circle until its finished.No two horns are alike. Being made from natural cattles horn, nature sets the colour and shape variations. Only the length of the horn can lead to the right volume, as the horns differ individually.All horns are being sanded, polished and coated with a food safe varnish.We suggest to rub your drinking horn with a little oil once in a while. This way it will keep its shine for a long time. Do not wash it in the dish washer, as this treatment is much too aggressive.A horn sling will allow you to store your horn on your belt while moving around - a horn stand will leave it standing in the shelf or at the banquet table.Material: natural cattle hornVolume: 0,6 liters

19,90 €*
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Ingmar belt bag with Vegvisir olivegreen
Belt bags are not only accessories, but also come in very handy when it comes to carry "the little somethings" to your costume. It is completly made from suede with two wide belt loops on the backside of the bag. The wide lace is being closed with a knob made from suede. This bag is somewhat more delicate, than a bag made from upper leather (e.g. the "Louis" series) and can therefore be worn to ladies costumes or more noble characters.In this variant, it is decorated with a "vegvisir" (Icelandic for signpost or wayfinder), a symbol from the Icelandic region around the 19th century. It means "If this sign is carried, one will never lose one's way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known".Material: suedeHeight: 14cmWidth: 16cmWeight: app. 80gr

14,90 €*

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Tavern goblet 0,3l
This simple clay goblet is glazed on the inside and on its drinking edge. Thanks to its special shape, it is not only easy to hold, it can also be stacked and thus, even in larger quantities, stored and moved to save space. This makes it ideal for use in taverns. It can be used not only for mead and beer, but is also great for coffee, tea or soft drinks. An entire set looks great on a medieval table or as kitchen equipment for the camp. Material: clayHeight: approx. 10.5 cmCapacity 0.3 liters All of Akru Keramik's clay products are handmade, each one a little bit different. They are dishwasher safe, ovenproof and microwaveable.

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Salletto Berthold
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119,90 €*
Belwar belt bag black
The belt bags of the "Belwar" series are made of robust cowhide leather and are closed with a hand-forged iron buckle. Available in many sizes, these bags are suitable for all costumes and purposes. The leather pouch is ideal for transporting small items such as coins, dice or potions. Material: upper leather Dimensions: 14 cm x 10 cm

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