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Ersatzsehne Rattanbogen kurz

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Codice prodotto: 961928
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Info sui prodotti "Ersatzsehne Rattanbogen kurz"

Ersatzsehne für unseren kurzen Rattanbogen (50 Zoll). 

Material: Dacron Sehne
Länge: 116 cm

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Dragomir armour set blank medium
The plate armour "Dragomir" is an incredibly complex suit of armour. It consists of several overlapping, moving segments and finely wrought elements that interact to form an extraordinary armour set.All Dragomir armour pieces are carefully crimped, beaded and coordinated to complement one another. They stand out through their shape and the masterful finish that make this armour suit so unique.If you prefer a little less embellishment and want to save some money, we recommend you have a look at Dragomir's brother, Rikomer. Although technically identical, Rikomer dispenses with the decorative beads in favour of a more brute look and a lower price.Armour suits like this are normally only available as custom-made pieces, and we had to fiddle with it for a long time before we could bring it to serial production. Of course, the fit can (and will have to) be optimized here and there by carefully bending the pieces, but we have designed the armour so that it can be worn to battle with maximum wearing comfort. The medium size has a smaller torso and armour belt. All pieces are blank, this makes Dragomir a great match for knights or champions of light.We generally recommend wearing a gambeson and padded bracers & greaves underneath plate armour; wearing comfort and protective effect are significantly improved.Material: steel, leatherChest circumference: approx. 120cm to 142cmLength: 64cmNeck line: 20cm

629,93 €* 899,90 €* (30% risparmio)