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Fodero per pugnale Geralt

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Info sui prodotti "Fodero per pugnale Geralt"
Il fodero da pugnale Geralt può essere indossato sia verticalmente che orizzontalmente sulla cintura, sugli schinieri o su qualsiasi altro supporto. Materiale: cuoioColore: marrone e nero

Accessory Items

Gold Quality Grasso per Cuoio
La pelle è un materiale molto versatile con molte proprietà diverse. Scarpe, accessori e armature possono durare, se mantenuti, per molti anni. L'efficacia del grasso per pelle "Gold Qualities" è definita dalla sua alta percentuale di cera d'api - questo è un altro motivo per cui pulisce la tua pelle così bene. Penetra profondamente nel cuoio e lo sigilla da sporco e umidità. Strofinare delicatamente sul cuoio usando una spazzola o un panno morbido. Dopo un breve tempo di permanenza, il grasso in eccesso viene spazzolato via; un eccesso di grasso comporterà una saturazione; il grasso superfluo può essere rimosso. Il tuo prodotto in pelle ti farà rendere conto quando ne applicherai troppo: ti consigliamo di applicare meno grasso, ma più spesso. Non solo la pelle può essere trattata con questo grasso, ma consigliamo di pulire le armature d'acciaio con la ruggine leggera o lucidare i corni. Anche gli articoli in legno traggono beneficio dalle cere d'api. Saranno protetti in modo efficace e riceveranno una nuova lucentezza. Materiale: vaselina, olio di midollo osseo, cera d'api autentica Colore: naturale Volume: 190 ml

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Geralt belt
This leather belt comes in two pieces: one larger massive 6cm wide belt and another, 3,5cm slim belt.Both add up to a great combination. The larger belt holds heavy belt bags and the sword holder, the slimmer one is used for carrying smaller pouches and bags with your accessories.The belt is made from thick cattle upper leather and holds quite some force due to the rolling buckle. This also enables the belt to be taken on and off very quickly.Often seen with warriors, mages, thiefs and rouges, just as well as rangers; this belt offers a wide variety of uses for a wide spread range of characters and uses.Material: upper leatherMeasurements: max. 122cm x 6cm (small belt: 35cm x 3,5cm)

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Fondina Geralt
Fondina per pistola Geralt, disponibile per mancini e destrorsi. Si adatta alla maggior parte delle pistole decorative disponibili con canna sottile.Materiale: cuoioColore: marrone e neroVarianti: sinistra, destra

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Leon daggersheath slim
The slim version of our popular Leon dagger scabbard is ideal for smaller LARP weapons. The passage for the belt has a width of 3.5 cm, but can be extended to 5 cm with a punch pliers. Material: upper leather, suedeColour: brown with blacklength: 29 cmwidth: 5 cm

19,90 €*
Leon daggersheath wide
The Leon dagger scabbard is perfectly suited for short LARP weapons.Material: upper leather Colour: brown with black applicationsLength: 29cmWidth: 6cm

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Elina ladies belt
This is a wide ladies' belt with brass applications, buckle and belttip.Basically it is a mixture of belt and bodice, which updates any costume and can be perfectly worn with skirts and dresses in combination.Material: upper leatherSizes: S, M, LLength: 73-85 cm / 78-91 cm / 99-112 cm

44,90 €*

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Alric adventurers dagger
The blade is formed straight and has two fullers on each side. A simple, jet reliable compagnon for many traveling characters. The pommel and the crossguard are made in a classic design.Total length: app. 40 cm Length of blade: app. 24 cmBlade width: 5.5 cm Disclaimer: All items shown here were especially designed to safely portray fights in controlled environments like liveroleplay events, theater stages etc.. The foam weapons are made with a glass reinforced plastic rod as a core, fully encapsulated in soft foam to avoid injuries.

10,00 €* 23,90 €* (58.16% risparmio)
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Lisa leather bodice brown
A simple but becoming leather bodice that can be adjusted to the wearer´s body by laces at the sides. The inserted rods give it additional stability and the slits at the bottom make for a decorative hemline. It suits very well with blouses and skirts but can also be worn solely on warm days. Material: SuedeLeather is a product of nature and may take dyes differently. The actual hue may differ from the image. 

64,90 €*
Fodero per pugnale Geralt
Il fodero da pugnale Geralt può essere indossato sia verticalmente che orizzontalmente sulla cintura, sugli schinieri o su qualsiasi altro supporto. Materiale: cuoioColore: marrone e nero

37,90 €*
Duath Dagger green
The "Duath" dark elf dagger is a short weapon and easy to handle. Made from the unique Calimacil Foam, it can be used extensively and remain safe for years. Available in several colors, recalling the different Ungoll professions, its external details are reminiscent of insect shells. The texture of the blade, meanwhile, is a reminder of hammered metal and its hamon is inspired by Japanese weapons.This very well balanced weapon is perfect for dual weilding. With its versatile form, it is equally suitable for Drow soldiers as well as thieves and assassins. The Vampire Lords will also find their account in his style recalling the forces of chaos.Material: Calimacil FoamTotal Length (cm): 47,5Blade Length (cm): 31Blade Tickness (cm): 2Handle length (cm): 21,5All articles of the manufacturer "Calimacil" are handmade in a small manufactory in Canada. We try to keep all items in stock at all times, but unfortunately we can still wait up to 10 weeks for items that are out of print.Disclaimer: All the articles shown here have been specially developed for the safe representation of fights in LARP, on theatre stages or similar. The foam weapons consist of a glass fibre core, which is completely wrapped with soft foam to avoid injury.

77,90 €*