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Hammerkunst blade short sword

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Info sui prodotti "Hammerkunst blade short sword"

The blade is often the most difficult part when building a LARP sword. With our prefabricated "Hammerkunst" blades, you can now save a lot of time and effort. They are light, narrow, realistically designed and, of course, they meet all safety requirements for use during a live role-playing game.

Material: foam (PU), GFRP
Blade length: 65cm
Length of the GFRP rod: 17cm
Diameter of the GFRP rod: 8mm

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Hammerkunst blade long sword
The blade is often the most difficult part of building a LARP sword. With our prefabricated "Hammerkunst" blades you can now save a lot of time and effort. They are light, slim, realistically designed and of course meet all safety requirements for use on a live role playing game.Material: foam (PU), GfKBlade length: 81 cmLength of the GfK rod: 26.5 cm

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GFK rod 100cm / 10mm
We finally offer GFK rods in three lengths for all you tinkerers. Every hobbyist knows about the GFK rod being the heart of every foam weapon. Using a bad fabricated rod leads to a broken weapon in battle. We spent quite some time looking for a good fabricator, who can provide us with quality rods for unbeatable prices. These rods are completely dense and clean of any air inclusions, have a smooth surface and do not rove. We suggest to always cut GFK rods with the aid of flowing water and to wear goggles and gloves when working with fiber glas. Before applying glue, you should clean and degrease the rod. Diameters and lengths: 10mm - 100cm

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Stecca in vetro resina
Stecca in vetro resina 75 cm/ 8 mmFinalmente disponibili in tre lunghezze differenti. Indispensabili per il fai-da-te, da utilizzare come anima per ogni tipo di arma. Consigliamo di tagliare le stecche con l’aiuto dell’acqua corrente, utilizzare sempre guanti e occhiali protettivi quando si maneggia la vetro resina.Prima di applicare la colla è necessario sgrassare e pulire la stecca.Lunghezze: 75 cm/ dia. 8 mm; 100 cm/ dia. 10 mm, 120 cm/ dia. 10 mm

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Borchard belt bag large black
A beautiful belt bag made from heavy-duty canvas.It offers room for all the equipment you need on the go.There are two belt loops on the backside, so you can easily wear it on a belt. The bag is closed with a loop and button in the front.Length: 19cm Width: 3.5cm Higth: 14cm Width of belt loops: 5cmMaterial: Canvas (100% cotton)

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Siegward chain flail handle long
In LARP, chain weapons have been an extraordinary sight on the battle field forever, and they're justifiably feared by shield bearers, for instance. Our "Siegward" chain flail handle may be combined with all chain flail heads by Black Dragon, allowing you to create your own dream flail. Matching connectors are included in the delivery of the head, and they may easily be fitted by hand. There are enough connectors to allow for repairs out in the field, if necessary. A word of caution regarding chain "length": please note that most LARP events do not allow weapons that are long enough to wind around a participator's neck. In the "Black Dragon" series, Italian manufactory Fucina del Drago, famous for their exceptional leather products, have created a foam weapon brand that combines traditional craftsmanship with a fantastic design. The "Black Dragon" foam weapons are 100% handcrafted in Italy. They feature an outer coat of latex varnished with a layer of protective lacquer. Inserts of robust leather guarantee the necessary stability and durability. Carefully painted and with boasting a high-quality leather hilt wrapping, the "Black Dragon" foam weapon range will be a trusty companion for a long time. Please note that each foam weapon is individually crafted by hand, which is why the individual weapons' shape and colour may deviate slightly from the image. We recommend regular care with silicone oil. Keep your foam weapons clean and dry at all times. Do not store them in a weapon's holder or similar contraption for extended periods of time. Your foam weapon should not be exposed to a lot of heat or direct sunlight for extended periods of time. This could lead to deformations or damage to the surface. Material: foam, glass fibre reinforced plastic, latex, leather Length: 163cm Handle length: 46cm Weight: approx. 885g Disclaimer: All items shown here were specially designed to safely portray fights in controlled environments like live roleplay events, theatre stages etc. The foam weapons consist of a glass fibre reinforced plastic rod as the core, fully encapsulated in soft foam to avoid injuries.

99,90 €*