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Leon belt slim

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Info sui prodotti "Leon belt slim"
This wunderful belt is decorated with conspicuous metal fittings and matches historic costumes very well.
It is long enough to have the ending falling loose in the buckle area. This allows your costume to look even more detailed and accurate.

Material: Leather Uppers (Cattle)
Colour: brown, black
Length: 172cm
Width: 2,5cm

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Leon belt broad
This wunderful belt is decorated with conspicuous metal fittings and matches historic costumes very well.It is long enough to have the ending falling loose in the buckle area. This allows your costume to look even more detailed and accurate.Material: Leather Uppers (Cattle)Colour: brown, blackLength: 172cmWidth: 3,5cm

44,90 €*
Leon cintura trasversale
Questa cintura trasversale è prodotta in cuoio di bufalo ed ha una fibbia in ottone dettagliatamente scolpita. Potete agganciare qualsiasi oggetto ad essa, sia esso un tamburo, una pistola, una spada o un'ascia. Sperimentate con i vari foderi per armi e trovate quello perfetto per completare la vostra cintura trasversale.La cintura può essere sistemata in lunghezza da 150cm a 160cm. La cintura stessa è ampia 4,5cm, mentre la parte sulla spalla è 6cm.Materiale: pelle di bufalo

59,90 €*
Leon belt holder
The "Leon" belt holder is an add-on to the "Leon" series and fits many costume ideas.It offers the possibility to hold another belt in position when tied together or to store equipment on your belt.Use it in combination with other belts, as well as with pouches and bags.Colors: Brown, black

14,90 €*
Leon beltbag large
The big belt bag "Leon" is made of thick upper leather and very sturdy. It has internal seams and is shaped a bit "bulbous". The edges are surrounded by suede.  This spacious bag is closed with a cast brass buckle with no roll. The sturdy, double riveted beltloops are very generously designed. The large belt pocket of the "Leon" series is ideal for taking a lot of equipment or carrying bulky items with you. A large number of bandages can be stored in it on a LARP event, but also the camera and the mobile phone on the medieval market. Material: Upper leather, suede, brass Width: 20 cm Height: 18 cm Depth: 6 cm Weight: 850 g Colours: Brown, Black

39,90 €*
Leon set of beltbags
These three belt bags are attached to each other and can easily be pulled through any belt up to 5cm width.The brass endings and fittings are detailed and match the high-quality leather the whole series \\"Leon\\" is made of well.UnisizeMaterial: Leather Uppers (Cattle)Measuerments: 38x14x6cmColors: Brown, blackAll other \\"Leon\\" series\\' articles can be found right here.

89,90 €*

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Rickar beltbag green small LIMITED EDITION
The belt bags of the "Rickar" series are made of soft suede and are closed with a brass optic button. Available in many colours and sizes, these bags are suitable for all costumes and purposes. The small beltbag is great for carrying small items like coins, dieces or potions. Material: SuedeSize: 15 cm x 10 cm

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Aaron Mantello Cotone Verde
Semplice ma indispensabile! Questo mantello ha un taglio classico con cappuccio tondo. Si chiude al collo con un bottone metallico ed è realizzato in robusto canvas, ideale per le giornate più fredde e piovose. L'incredibile rapporto qualità-prezzo lo rende uno dei nostri articoli preferiti. Il mantello è disponibile in vari colori in modo che corrisponda a quasi tutti i tipi di costumi. Un compagno fedele ad un ottimo prezzo!Taglia Unica Lunghezza: aprox. 140 cm Tessuto: 100% cotone Peso: 1,3 Kg

39,90 €*
Salerno healers belt
A large part of LRP is dealing with "wounds" and regeneration after a battle. This belt is the perfect piece of equipment for all characters with healing skills. It offers space for eight bandages that can be stowed away safely in separate compartments. It is closed with a double-d-ring strap and can be worn easily over other belts.If you're out of bandages the "Salerno" bandages bag is a good possibility to stock up.Material: 100% cottonColour: Brown, grey, black

11,90 €*
Lyra fibula
Questa graziosa fibula viene utilizzato come chiusura per mantelli, ma può anche essere utilizzata come semplice decorazione. È realizzata in robusto ferro battuto e quindi adatta anche a tessuti leggermente più spessi come la lana. Materiale: ferro battuto Diametro perone piccolo: 8 cm Diametro perone grande: 10 cm

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Doran waterbottle
The 'Doran' water bottle is made of high-quality upper leather. It conceals a hygienic PET inlay, which is easy to clean and does not give any taste to the contents. This way, not only water can be bottled, but we advise against perishable drinks such as milk. In no case should hot drinks be filled in the bottle, high temperatures can deform the PET inlay.The water bottle has a long carrying strap and a wooden stopper. Material: leather, PETFilling Quantity: 0.5 litresWeight: 1 kgColour: Black, brown

29,90 €*