Importante Come annunciato, siamo nel bel mezzo del trasferimento in un magazzino più grande. Può quindi occasionalmente accadere che tu riceva il tuo ordine in più di una consegna e che, in casi eccezionali, la spedizione subisca ritardi. In questi casi il nostro supporto ti contatterà, ti preghiamo di pazientare. Grazie, il tuo team Mytholon

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Mytholon Patch

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Tempi di consegna 2-5 giorni

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Info sui prodotti "Mytholon Patch"

Our new patch is now online, they are finely woven and can be easily ironed. For a longer durability we recommend to sew them on additionally.

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Leather waterskin
In warm weather we recommend our leather waterskin. It is made of soft suede. The closure is made of hygienic plastic. The liquid is kept in a plastic bladder.Material: plastic, suede

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Pocketbook with leather cover
On a LARP event you often have to solve puzzles or translate texts. You might want to keep a diary about your adventures or the bartender needs a booklet in which he can write the open bills. For all these tasks and many more, we have handy pocketbooks with leather covers. Available in two sizes, they are tied with sturdy leather straps. The pages are fastened in the notebook with a yarn thread and can be renewed if necessary. Material: Upper leather, paper Measurements of the small version: Height: 6 cmWidth: 8.5 cmThickness: approx. 2 cmWeight: approx. 60 g Measurements of the large version: Height: 10 cmWidth: 13.5 cmThickness: approx. 3 cmWeight: approx. 160 g

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Artemis archer's bracer celtic large black
An elaborately ornamented bracer for archers. It is punched with Celtic knots and patterns. The buckles are worn on the outside. The inside is cut out so that it does not obstruct the bow arm when bending. They are available in two different sizes. The price refers to one bracer. The Italian company "Fucina del Drago" (which translates into Dragon Forge) is famous for its beautiful leather products. They only process high-quality leather there. Elaborate embossed designes and the antique patina make these armor parts a real eye-catcher. Material: leather Length: 21.5cm Width: 31cm Colours: black Variant: large Leather is a product of nature and may take on dyes differently. Therefore, the actual hue may differ from the image.

29,90 €*
Helwig Tasselscheibe silver
"Tasselscheiben "such as "Helwig" were worn in pairs in the high Middle Ages to close a coat and were connected with a chain or a "Tasselband". They are ideal for courtly garments in LARP and re-enactment. The chain or the "tasselband" is hung in the back bar and thus connects the two "Tasselscheiben". This medieval "Tasselscheibe" is manufactured in an antique brass optics from high-quality Zamak casting. Material: ZamakDiameter: 5 cm

6,90 €*
Harald long Sword
The Nordic long sword Harald is very elaborately decorated and is particularly suitable for all rich Nordic characters. The deceptively genuine leather grip and the finely moulded details make this foam weapon extremely realistic. Material: PU foam Total length: 102cm Blade length: Weight: 415g Hammerkunst: The new composite foam weapons from Mytholon! Realistic design! Highest processing standards and master craftsmanship! The hilt and guard are cast from hard-wearing plastic in a process developed by us. Foamed blades! No latex, no glue. New, indestructible tip protection All Hammerkunst foam weapons are handmade and colored by us. Disclaimer: All articles shown here are for the safe representation of fights in live role playing, on theatre stages or similar. The foam weapons consist of a glass fibre core rod which is completely covered with soft foam to avoid injuries.

99,90 €*

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