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Uta cloak button brass

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Info sui prodotti "Uta cloak button brass"

The "Uta" tassel disc was made based on the model of coat fasteners on historical statues, as can often be found in medieval churches and monasteries. Tassel discs like these were worn in pairs in the High Middle Ages and were often connected with a chain or a tassel strap. On the back of the tassel disc there is a bar to which the so-called tassel strap is attached. As various images of tassel coats show, the tassel disc was usually passed through a slot in the coat and closed like a large button. The tassel coat was worn by both men and women. It was a representative item of clothing for the upper classes and was not really useful for ordinary people who were committed to the day-to-day work - because the weight of the tassel the coat tends to slip a little over the shoulders. And so it was customary and a sign of their class to simply put a hand gallantly behind the tassel band, and so simply hold the tassel coat tight.

Material: zamak
Diameter: 5 cm

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