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Aurelius robe brown

The "Aurelius" robe is a simple outer garment with hood. Made from high-quality premium canvas, it is perfectly suited for brave sorcerers' apprentices or courageous space knights and force users. Being appropriate for both ladies and gentlemen, its cut allows an a wide and airy fit.
The wide, elaborately cut sleeves are bell-shaped. "Aurelius" does not not have any buttons and can be worn either open, or closed with a belt of your choice around the hip. This robe is a useful basis for many costume concepts, not only for cosplay. It can be used as an outer garment for many different portrayals and will protect the wearer against wind and light rain.
You will find a wide variety of belts to close the robe with in our range of products.
Hint: If you are looking for a wider belt made of fabric, have a look at our "Hamond" puttees.

Material: 100% cotton
Sizes: S–XXL
Colours: brown

49,90 € *

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