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Ursula underdress linen cream LIMITED EDITION

An undergarment not only keeps the warmth on the body, it also gives the costume more volume. It can ideally be used as a nightgown or worn with a corset as an independent dress.

The underdress Ursula is made of linen fabric and has a wide cut. The smooth linen has cooling properties, the cotton content absorbs moisture and keeps it away from the body. This makes it the ideal mixture for a comfortable, summery undergarment.

The short, wide sleeves and the generous neckline can be gathered with drawstrings. Thus the undergarment can be adapted not only in its fit, but also to the temperature.

Material: 50% linen, 50% cotton 
Sizes: S - XXL

29,90 € *

Prezzi incl. IVA più spese di spedizione

Pronto per la spedizione di oggi, tempo di consegna ca. 3-7 giorni lavorativi


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