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Lilian hooded coat wool with fur black LIMITED EDITION

Limited edition, only while stocks last.

Many of our coats are based on historical models and are therefore not always suitable for everyday use. With the hooded coat "Lilian" we have created a garment that does not only fit into historical fairs and live roleplay.
The generously cut bell sleeves are lined with cotton fabric. A large hood protects against wind and rain, while the long liripipe can be used as a scarf. The waisted cut is supported by a bar on the back, which also slightly ruffles the coat. By simply moving the buttons of the bar, the waist can be adjusted if necessary.
A button strip allows you to close the knee-length hooded coat. It is an alternative to traditional garments and ideal for those who like it a bit fancier.

Material: wool and faux fur
Sizes: XS to XL

79,90 € *

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