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Rafael tunic herringbone black LIMITED EDITION

Limited edition, only while stocks last.

Our "Rafael" tunic is additionally lined with cotton to increase wearing comfort. Due to the lining, the tunic doesn't make you itch and will keep you warm. This tunic is very elaborately crafted. It is closed by means of high-quality brass buttons and loops over the chest. The sleeves, too, feature a long button strip on either side, which allows you to wear this premium tunic in a more airy and light fashion on hotter days. Our "Rafael" tunic makes for an ideal basis for a variety of outfits for well-to-do, but down-to-earth merchants or knights. This impression is reinforced by the noble looking herringbone pattern.   

Material: herringbone (30% polyester, 30% acrylic, 21% wool, 13% cotton, 6% viscose)
59,90 € *

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