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Zauberhafte Patisserie (German)

From the Hobbits to Willy Wonka, from Nostradamus to the Ghostbusters, from Harry Potter to Merlin - magicians, fantastic beings and mere mortals of all times and worlds love sweet variety in their daily monotony. This cookbook contains recipes for mysterious canapés, fairytale biscuits and cakes, heavenly desserts and fascinating potions.

German language
192 pages
21 x 29.7 cm

29,90 € *

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Fibula Sylvana Fibula Sylvana Fibula Sylvana
12,90 € *
Fibbia Tasso Fibbia Tasso
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Wigmar horn mug Wigmar horn mug Wigmar horn mug
11,90 € *
Suppenkessel-8,0l Pentolone da campo
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Gudrun pot Gudrun pot Gudrun pot
Da 39,90 € *
Whetstone Whetstone Whetstone
8,90 € *
Monete da LARP Monete da LARP Monete da LARP
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Vigor armour set Vigor armour set Vigor armour set
699,90 € *