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Ramon fork

Our cutlery series "Ramon" is completed by this fork.
Made with two prongs, just as they were used in the middle ages to poke food with.
The handle is made from wood and riveted to the steel.

Material: stainless steel
Length: 15 cm

This article is a medieval prop that is only produced in small quantities. For this reason, expensive food certification is uneconomical or would have a massive impact on the selling price. Therefore we are obligated to the following notice: Prop - not certified or suitable for contact with food.

7,12 € * 7,90 € * (9,87% di risparmio)

Prezzi incl. IVA più spese di spedizione

Pronto per la spedizione di oggi, tempo di consegna ca. 3-7 giorni lavorativi

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