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Gudrun-Laternenhalter Gudrun lantern holder
A latern holder made from wrought iron. One or two of these can improve the light in your camp to the better. This holder is hammered into the ground and can hold a latern (or any other light). The rod is twisted lengthwise and made from...
29,90 € *
Öllicht-Lilie-natur Lampada ad olio giglio naturale
Questa graziosa lampada a olio ha un ornamento a forma di giglio sulla parte superiore. Può essere utilizzato per illuminare un tavolo o trasportato grazie alla piccola maniglia. Diametro: ca. 11...
14,90 € *
Lanterna Lucia Lanterna Lucia Lanterna Lucia
Lanterna realizzata in legno e pelle secca. La candela si inserisce facilmente all’interno. Accessorio indispensabile per la vita da campo. Altezza: 27,5cm Larghezza: 21cm
39,90 € *
Oil lamp 3 flames with lid incl. chain nature Oil lamp 3 flames with lid incl. chain nature
This three-flame oil lamp made by "Akru Keramik" can be suspended by means of a metal chain. It will fit right into your tent, a tavern, but also your porch or your balcony. The chain can be...
24,90 € *
Öllicht-Mini-natur Oil lamp mini nature
This tiny oil lamp fits just every table. It can be used as a night light or as a small flame in an alchemist´s or wizard´s workshop. Length: Approx. 9cm All oil lamps can be fueled with standard lamp oil, the wicks are included in...
9,90 € *
Öllicht-dreiflammig-natur Oil lamp three arm nature
This three arm oil lamp shines enough light for a bigger table. If you use several of them, they are even suitable to illuminate the hole camp at night. Diameter: Approx. 15cm All oil lamps can be...
27,91 € *
Öllicht-dreiflammig-mit-Kette-natur Oil lamp three arm nature with chain
This three arm oil lamp can be hung up around your tent. Three to four of it can even illuminate a bigger area. The heat resistant chain has got a small hook at the end that can be used to hang up...
19,90 € *