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Gudrun-Zelthering Gudrun tent peg
A pretty tent peg made of steel. Depending on the soil conditions it suits very well for our 4x4m camp tent or other tents at about that size. Its slim shape makes it easy to drive into the ground. The slightly barbed hook prevents it...
9,90 € *
Jandar tent Jandar tent Jandar tent
Pickup price 549,90€, please confirm your pickup 2 working days ahead: Großer Kamp 11, 22885 Barsbüttel, Germany. Pickup is contactless, we will drop you the tentpackage on our yard and can´t help you loading due to the situation. The...
649,00 € *
Picchetti per tenda grandi Picchetti per tenda grandi
16 picchetti grandi in acciaio ad un prezzo eccezionale: €99,90 anziché €158,40Lunghezza: 45 cm
89,90 € *
Set di 12 picchetti per tenda Set di 12 picchetti per tenda
Picchetti in ferro battuto ideali per la nostra tenda da campo 4x4 m o tende di altre dimensioni. La sua forma a gancio leggermente appuntito permette di infilarsi nel terreno senza...
12er Set...
39,90 € *
Zelthering-T-Stahl-groß Tent peg large
This robust steel tent peg is ideal for setting up big tents, that put a lot of weight on the tent lines. We recommend to use 12-16 of the long tent pegs to set up the corners of camp tents. See our set of 16 for a discounted price....
9,90 € *
Zelthering-T-Stahl-klein Tent peg small
This tent peg is made from construction steel and is therefore very tough. The T-shape guarantees stability, when hammered into the ground. Be it soft or hard ground: this peg holds tight! The upper part has a welded t-bar on the top....
4,90 € *