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Bracelet narrow

Whether used as an everyday item or as an accessory for your medieval outfit, leather bracelets are a nice accessories for both men & women. Whether to express your attitude towards life or as an occasional alternative ornamentation, worn alone or in combination – these leather bracelets will accompany you on your way.

Please note: you should avoid contact between leather products and water. Other harmful influences are sweat, chemicals or abrasion. To avoid this, we recommend to regularly take care of your leather products, e.g. with leather grease. This will make the leather softer, as well as extend its durability. 

Material: upper leather
Measurements (narrow variant):
- Length: 18cm
- Width: 3cm

7,90 € *

Prezzi incl. IVA più spese di spedizione

Pronto per la spedizione di oggi, tempo di consegna ca. 3-7 giorni lavorativi



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