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Ortwin torso armour with collar antique finish

Our "Ortwin" torso armour is closed by means of buckles and straps on the sides, so its width is easy to adjust. The generous cut-outs around both arms offer great freedom of movement, while a flexible stomach ring consisting of two segments protects the wearer's lower torso. The rivets emphasise the armour's shape and are a nice detail.

The included collar is attached in the chest area by means of straps at the shoulders as well as two leather strings. The stomach ring features two straps for attaching the matching tassets. The spaulders can also be attached to the torso armour using straps. We recommend wearing a padded vest/gambeson underneath the armour to increase wearing comfort and to better protect yourself against injuries or chafing. 

Material: steel, leather

Length of torso armour: 60cm
Chest width: 62cm

Length of collar: 16cm
Width of collar: 34cm

249,90 € *

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