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Vigor armour set

Our "Vigor" armour was designed for the more imposing characters on the battlefield – referring not only to their formidable fighting style. This armour set’s generous dimensions make it comfortable for longer periods of time even for powerfully built warriors of both genders. However, a small tweak in design also allows adjusting "Vigor" to slender people. To do so, you simply have to remove the central tasset from the armour belt and, if necessary, shorten the belt. In so doing, you can improve the fit for wearers with slimmer hips.

The style is reminiscent of the massive armour suits familiar from certain well-known manufacturers of tabletop miniatures. The oversized bevor in particular lends the armour suit its exceptional look. "Vigor" is slightly burnished, giving the armour pieces a worn, but well-cared-for character. The burnishing procedure may cause small spots similar to rain spatters. As the finish is applied individually for hand, it is unique for every single armour. However, if you’d prefer your armour unburnished, you can also easily remove the burnishing layer using a soft abrasive fabric.

At the heart of "Vigor" is the broad torso armour, which the large bevor can be attached to using buckles. The torso armour consists of flexibly connected chest and back plates. The lower parts protecting the chest and back consist of moving plates. Two straps on either side are used to close the torso armour and adjust the fit.

The bevor contributes a lot to the armour set’s brute look, and it is easy to adorn with wax seals or to blazon it with your coat of arms. It consists of two interlaced moving segments; the interior front segment slants way down and rests against the torso, ensuring that neither your vision nor your breathing are impaired. The outer neck segment rests on the spaulders and is broad enough to offer full mobility for your head.

The mighty spaulders consist of seven segments and also feature segmented upper arm protection. All the parts are connected flexibly and allow a maximum in freedom of movement.

The armour belt is long enough even for broader hips and features three tassets. These are suspended from the belt from loops so that their position can be adjusted individually. In order to reduce the armour belt’s size, you can remove the central tasset and thus shorten the belt’s circumference.

The vambraces are rather slender in comparison to the rest of the armour parts. For that reason, they will not hinder you when carrying a shield. They consist of three slightly curved segments and feature a comfortable cutout for your hand as well as slightly bent edges around the wrist, which significantly increase wearing comfort.

The greaves are long enough to also protect the wearer’s knees. The upper part is mounted to be movable, making movements such as kneeling easier. The sweeping knee protection is another very special design element of this armour set. Broad cutouts for your feet as well as bent edges increase wearing comfort.

It goes without saying that all edges of these armour pieces are beaded.

Material: steel, leather

Measurements of the armour parts:

Chest width: 67cm
Length (shoulders to lower segment): 55cm
Width neck cutout: 18cm
Weight: approx. 5.3kg

Front segment height: 20.5cm
Neck segment height: 18cm
Side height: 8cm
Length (front to neck) 37cm
Width (inner) front segment: 23cm
Width (outer) neck segment: 28.5cm
Weight: 1.6kg

Armour belt:
Length: approx. 160cm
Width approx. 2.8cm

Side tassets:
Width (top): 47cm
Width (bottom): 24cm
Length: 36cm
Weight (each): approx.

Central tasset:
Width (top): 36cm
Width (bottom): 13cm
Length: 34.5cm
Weight: approx. 1.3kg

Length: 34cm
Circumference (upper strap): 24cm
Circumference (lower strap): 13cm
Weight (pair): approx. 1.5kg

Length: 52cm
Circumference (upper strap): 26cm
Circumference (lower strap): 20cm
Weight (pair): approx. 4kg

The parts of this armour set are manufactured by hand. For this reason, we ask you to allow for slight deviations in measurements and weight.
Adjustments to several of the measurements are possible by carefully bending the respective armour parts.

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