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Gawain armour black

The Gawain torso is the centerpiece of the Gawain armor line. Elaborately punched battle scenes and a scale pattern adorn the chest and back, giving the armor a noble, warlike appearance. The armour is made by hand from hardened leather in Italy at the factory Fucina del Drago. The chest & back are closed at the shoulder and the sides with straps & buckles and can therefore be easily adapted to the wearer. We recommend to combine the armour with a Gambeson or armour jerkin.

Material: Upper leather
Length front (center neckline): 41 cm
Length back (center neckline): 53 cm
Width: 63 cm

The price refers to one pair of tassets. 
Leather is a natural product and accepts dyes differently. The colour shade may differ from the illustration.

279,90 € *

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