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John chainmail riveted oiled

John chainmail riveted oiled

This short-sleeved chainmail shirt is suitable for people with medium chest size. It is wide enough to carry a gambeson underneath. The sleeves cover about 2/3 of the arm, the length is about half of the thigh. We recommend this chainmail size for people with a chest circumference of 90cm to 125cm. The chain shirt can be worn on a gambeson and uses its maximum size of 140cm under the arms. The chain mail is completely riveted under the armpit, so that the rings do not give in even with strong movements. So it stays intact for a long time and you have fun with it.

The bare version is not galvanized and is supplied heavily oiled. Please remove the excess oil before first use. Un galvanized chain mail should be treated regularly with maintenance oil such as Ballistol.

Material: steel
Classic "4-in-1" type of braiding
weight: app 16kg

349,90 € *

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