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Arthur arm padding rabbit fur FW modded

Our "Arthur" arm paddings of canvas, one of our most popular classic items to wear underneath armour, where elaborately "modded", i.e. modified, by hand by the manufactory Falkenwacht to create this very special limited edition. Real rabbit fur was sewn onto the outside of the paddings according to medieval examples; as a result, these arm paddings will also warm the wearer on very cold winter days. The arm paddings are closed by means of 2 straps and buckles on the backside. They are particularly well suited for the portrayal of people of a higher social standing, or those hailing from colder regions.

All articles of the Leipzig-based manufactory "Falkenwacht" are 100 % made in Germany. The skins come from certified breeders in Europe or are taken from the wild. No skins from factory farming are used.

Material: cotton, real rabbit fur

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