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Childrens Larp arrow

Attention Dear Mytholon Customers!

Our arrows may be defective! The nocks unfortunately do not have the usual quality and can break. They must be removed before the first use and be replaced by the high-quality IDV Nocks which are supplied free of charge with a guide how you can do it yourself very easy.

We therefore offer you these arrows at a special price.

 !!! Defective goods! Arrow nocks can break. Free IDV replacement nocks and instructions will be supplied with the arrows !!!

The arrow has a length of 24 inches (app. 61cm) and is equipped with a foam head which is especially designed against penetration. The head is composed from foam with a pressure dispenser made from plastic, and allows a safe reenacting of bowmen. Our arrows are produced and tested under the usual LARP standards. Every arrow has the nock glued tight. This way you can always replace lost parts cheap and effectively.

This arrow is made for short- and childrens bows in perticular.

Length: 24 Inches (app. 61cm)
Colours: black/red
Shaft: GFK (Fiberglas)

Disclaimer: All items shown here were especially designed to safely portray fights in controlled environments like liveroleplay events etc..  All arrows & bolts have padded heads made of foam and pressure distributors made of plastic to avoid injuries, and are made to be shot from larp weapons with limited power.

Questo prodotto non è attualmente disponibile.
Informatemi non appena il prodotto è nuovamente disponibile.

5,90 € *

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