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Bernardo / Sicuro Armbrust Ersatzsehne Bernardo / Sicuro Armbrust Ersatzsehne
Eine Ersatz Sehne passend für die "Bernardo" & "Sicuro" Armbrüste aus unserem Programm. Zum einspannen einfach an einer Seite einhängen und beide Bogenenden vorsichtig zurückziehen bis man die...
16,90 € *
Bernardo / Sicuro crossbow stirrup Bernardo / Sicuro crossbow stirrup
A replacement stirrup suitable for the "Bernardo" & "Sicuro" crossbows from our program. It is attached to the crossbow with the separately available bracket lock and fixes the bow in place. Like...
14,90 € *
Bernardo crossbow Bernardo crossbow Bernardo crossbow
The crossbow Bernardo is manufactured in a small workshop in Italy and convinces by careful workmanship and a reliable release mechanism. The shaft is made of robust wood, the bow and stirrup, as well as the trigger, are made of...
199,90 € *
Bernardo/Sicuro crossbow stirrup lock Bernardo/Sicuro crossbow stirrup lock
A replacement stirrup lock for the crossbows "Bernardo" and "Sicuro" from our range. It fixes the stirrup to the crossbow while simultaneously holding the bow in place. Just like the crossbows...
2,90 € *
Sicuro crossbow Sicuro crossbow Sicuro crossbow
This crossbow is the longer version of our popular "Bernardo" crossbow and is suitable for shooting our long IDV bolts. "Sicuro" is manufactured in a small workshop in Italy and stands out through careful craftsmanship and a reliable...
199,90 € *