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Sicuro crossbow

This crossbow is the longer version of our popular "Bernardo" crossbow and is suitable for shooting our long IDV bolts. "Sicuro" is manufactured in a small workshop in Italy and stands out through careful craftsmanship and a reliable release mechanism. The shaft is made of sturdy wood, the bow and stirrup as well as the trigger are made of burnished steel. The safety pin above the release lever is easy to reach. This allows quickly unlocking the crossbow before each shot and securing it again for reloading.

"Sicuro" can be dismantled for transport. If the pin at the front is removed, the stirrup and bow can be detached. 
Two bolt clamps are included in the delivery for bolts with different shaft thicknesses. These serve to firmly hold the bolts on the crossbow and provide the necessary distance to the string. The bolt clamps can easily be changed with a screw. 
For IDV bolts as well as Sicuro bolts, we recommend the bolt clamp for narrower bolts. These can be adjusted to the desired pressure strength through carefully bending. The bolt should always sit firmly along the entire length of the guide groove.

The crossbow has a draw weight of about 30 pounds. Please always use it responsibly in accordance with the rules of your event. 
We recommend to always load the crossbow when secured and mind to your fingertips when shooting.

We offer both the split for securing the stirrup as well as the string as spare parts. The limbs and stirrup can be re-ordered from the manufacturer if required. Please contact our support team.

Material: wood, steel, bowstring

Draw weight: 30 pounds 
Length: 83cm 
Width: 62cm 
For bolts with a shaft of 33.5cm or more
Weight: 1.4kg

Disclaimer: All items shown here were especially designed to safely portray fights in controlled environments like live roleplay events etc. The bows & crossbows have limited power and range compared to normal sport equipment. Note: Crossbows fall under the German Weapons Act (WaffG), but do not require a permit (see Appendix 1 & 2). Therefore they are age restricted. For other countries we ask you to inform yourself about the applicable legal situation before buying.

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