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Bernardo crossbow bolt

Bernardo crossbow bolt

The "Bernrado" bolt fits perfectly on our "Bernardo" crossbow. A stable wooden shaft and "fletches" made of robust leather not only look good, they also ensure a long service life. The safety head is made of soft PU foam and meets the usual safety standards for live role-playing games.

If the bolt is a little too loose or too tight on the "Bernardo" crossbow, we recommend to exchange the retaining clip for the other size or to adjust it by carefully bending it. The clips are handmade and may vary slightly in their curvature.
Material: wood, leather, PU foam

shaft length: 28 cm
head length: 8,5 cm

Disclaimer: In this category you will find ranged weapons that have been specially developed for the safe display of battles. The Arrows & Bolts have foam safety heads with pressure distributors to prevent injury. They are intended to be used with ranged weapons with reduced firepower developed for Larp.

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