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Marquet Short Sword

The lavishly decorated long sword Marquet is particularly suitable for knights, nobility, and rich play figures. Finely moulded details and a deceptively genuine steel handle make this upholstered weapon a special piece of jewellery.

Material: PU foam 
Total length: 85 cm 
Blade length: 65 cm
Weight: 300g

Hammer art:

The new composite padded weapons from Mytholon! 
Realistic design! 
Highest processing standards and master craftsmanship! 
The exercise books and pariere are cast from hard-wearing plastic in a process developed by us. 
Foamed blades! No latex, no glue. 
New, indestructible tip protection 
All Hammer Art Upholstered Weapons are handmade and colored by us. 
Disclaimer: All articles shown here are for the safe representation of fights in live role playing, on theatre stages or similar. The upholstered weapons consist of a glass fibre core rod which is completely covered with soft foam to avoid injuries.

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