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Sven round shield

Shields have been the defensive weapon choice for thousands of years. Ever since someone strapped a rock to a stick other tried to defend themselves from this weapon by shielding themselves with a board of wood. These wooden planks developed in several shapes and sizes throughout all regions of the world. The "Sven" shield was designed as a round shield, which is the most known shape of shields worldwide. The rounded shield was used from early times on and was seen in all cultures spread around the world.

The "Sven" shield is delivered with a stabile plate in the back with a sturdy grip and an adjustable leather strap. Both, the grip and the strap, can be moved by unscrewing the bolts from the inside and variy the fixation of them. This way all users can make sure to carry the shield for their own comfort.

It is made from a single piece of foam and is not covered with a protective layer of latex. The inner side holds some strings for the attachment of one of our own "Sven" shield covers. These will allow you to use one single shield with various covers. An easy way to save money and storage room.

Our recommendation: Decorate the shield cover with our patches to individualize them even more. Also embroidering, colouring with fabric colours or attaching leather will make your shield a masterpiece.

Material: foam, leather, polyurethane
Diameter: 65cm
Thickness (edge): ~2,5cm
Weight: ~1,2kg

69,90 € *

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