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*Costumeset* Viking Woman Heavy

The heavy version of our Viking women deal consists of the Rikke dress linen light blue/cream, the Alva apron dress in cream, the Hamond arm wraps canvas in cream, the Mattis belt in black, the Halund wrap hooks silver-plated, the Meera shoulder bag in brown and the Fur stole piebald. Together they make a nice set for all maids and for the next medieval market.

Material: linen fabric (50% linen & 50% cotton), bronze

The set consists of:

  • Alva apron dress cream
  • Hamond arm wrap canvas cream
  • Mattis belt black
  • Rikke dress linen light blue/cream
  • Halund wrap hook silver-plated
  • Meera shoulder bag brown
  • Fur stole piebald
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