Arthur gambeson long


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Product information "Arthur gambeson long"

This top-stitched gambeson vest is an ideal add-on to be worn underneath many kinds of armour. The matching sleeves from our "Arthur" series can be attached separately.

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Arthur gambeson long
This top-stitched gambeson vest is an ideal add-on to be worn underneath many kinds of armour. The matching sleeves from our "Arthur" series can be attached separately.

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A simple short cape closed with a button in the front. It does not only protect the upper part of the body from rain but is also a very becoming accessory for many costume styles.

Arthur gambeson set canvas brown
The parts of the gambeson set "Arthur" feature a lozenge-shaped top stitching. The vest has four buckles in the front for fastening. It has eyelets to attach the sleeves and tassets by means of strings. The lozenge-shaped stitching allows good freedom of movement without reducing the protective properties. The collar features a more delicate stitching to enable a comfortable fit around the throat as well as greater mobility in that area."Arthur" has a slightly lighter padding than similar gambesons, which makes it particularly comfortable to wear underneath plate armour. Of course, this gambson set can also be combined with chainmail armour.Material: cotton canvas, polyester, suedeWeight: 2.5kg-3.5kg


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This is the matching padded coif from our "Arthur" series.The coif is available in three sizes and therefore fits most heads. We suggest to wear it underneath coifs of mail or helmets. This maximizes the comfort wearing them and prevents bruises and scratchmarks.Material: Canvas, PolyesterSizes: S, M, LColours: brown and black S: up to approximately 60 cm head circumferenceM: up to approximately 63 cm L: up to approximately 70 cm The hood is approximately 0.5 cm thick.

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The "Adam" gorget captivates with simple elegance. Two embossed ornamental beads are not only jewelry, they also give the collar a lot of stability. All edges are of course, as with all Mytholon armor, crimped. Thanks to its simple shape, this gorget can be used for all imaginable armament concepts. All the spaulder from our plate armour range can be attached to this collar. Material: 1, 2mm steelShoulder blade width: 8cmTotal width: 33cmNeck length: 14cmFront length: 22cmTotal length: 46cm Weight: 1 kg Colour: blank, browned


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"Mina" was made as an armour for women. Naturally we had to resign from historical patterns, as equality was not that popular amongst the medieval knight. Today we are proud to announce, that there is a way to dress strong women for the battlefield - using this armour set, you will not only be good looking on the field of glory, ladies! The gorget is, just like the entire "Mina" series, built similary to the "Balthasar" series: decorations with rivets along the edge beading are a returning design element in both armours. Both armour series can easily be combined with each other. A slim built and swung lines provide a delicate shape to this gorget. It does not overlap with the chest plate or spaulders, so that you can use the space for creative costume pieces. It also offers more movability to this area. The gorget is being closed with a brass pin and a leather strap. Material: 1,2 mm steelCircumference (neck): 44 cm Length: 37 cm Width: 25,5 cm Weight: app. 800 g Colour: blank, browned

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