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Raven cape wool gray

Only 7 available
Harun cloak canvas brown

Only 4 available
Notker hood canvas brown

Folke hood wool grey

Malik saber short

Bird of prey brooch

Doran potions pouch blue

Sigurd knife


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It's all about the basics!

Under Mytholon Basics we have put together simple individual pieces for you that easily combine with each other to create a great medieval garment. These pieces get even better when they are individualized with just a few simple steps. You can find inspiration for this on our Facebook page.


Here you will find an overview of all the events that we are travelling to with one of our stalls. Our market teams are looking forward to your visit!

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Focus of the week

Harald helmet

Kaldor helmet
Colour: browned

Variants from €129.90*
Manolo barbute

Kettle hat with visor

Only 10 available
Edward helmet
Colour: browned with blank edges

Variants from €89.90*
Laurin great helmet

Arlan kegelhelmet blank

Only 10 available
Helmet stand

Francis helmet

Reginald helmet
Colour: blank

Berthold sallet

Sigismund burgonet