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Sawyer shirt light cotton

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Gillian gloves

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Sibylle fibula

Bamboo mug

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Larp coin oriental
Colour: copper

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Bosco bottle opener

Witold leather sheath for hunting knife brown

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Anselm kitchen gloves white

Shot cup clay 5cl

Mytholon Armycap black

Larpcoins barbarians
Colour: copper

Limm knife leather sheath black

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Limm knife

Salerno bandage bag

Larpcoin earth
Colour: gold

Variants from €0.70*

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Fish, fresh fish!

This is Calimacil's foam LARP fish! This fish is more than just a prop - it's a lifelike companion designed to enhance your role-playing adventures. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Calimacil's LARP fish boasts intricate scale patterns and a paint job that makes it appear almost alive. Whether as a funny accessory for comic moments, a storytelling tool or an element in quests. The LARP fish is coreless and is also suitable for throwing.

Warehouse clearance due to relocation!

We have moved to a larger warehouse. Before the move, we have once again massively tightened the price screw for the outlet range and also listed discounted items in the main shop so that you can save on shipping costs for mixed orders of new goods & outlet:

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All children's stuff!

We also have great deals for little adventurers. From clothes and tunics to children's armour made of leather or metal, safe helmets made of plastic with a metal look or padded weapons suitable for children, you'll find what you're looking for here:

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