Disclaimer: All items shown here were especially designed to safely portray fights in controlled environments like liveroleplay events, theater stages etc.. The foam weapons are made with a glass reinforced plastic rod as a core, fully encapsulated in soft foam to avoid injuries.

Stagefight-weapons have a rounded tip that can not be used to stab, as well as a blunt edge with at least 2mm width. This way staged fights with metal-weapons can be portrayed safely. Ranged weapons use foam padded projectiles or are throwing weapons completely made out of foam.

Armed conflicts are an integral part of many Larps. There are many situations in which the life of a character depends on brains, skill, and of course, the weapon in his hand!
In duels, skirmishes and big battles the most important rule is: safety first! You and your fellow players will want to return home happy, safe and sound. Because of that we try to make sure that our foam weapons fulfill the security standards that are required on most Larp events.

As varied as the roles that you can play at a Larp event are, just as many different weapons exist from which you can choose from. We offer many kinds of single or double edged blades, axes, maces, polearms and much more. From a simple wooden staff to a decorated two-handed sword, here you will find a great variety of weapon types!
Of course we also offer ranged weaponry. Different types of bows as well as several kinds of crossbows including bolts and arrows to match!
Please take your time to browse through our arsenal! You can find several producers of Larp weapons all with their distinct styles and production techniques.
Mytholon's "Battle Standard" series weapons are low-priced and easy to maintain, arms from "Wyvern Replica" have a distinct realistic design whilst "Calimacil" weapons feature some very special designs and an extremely tough foam.

There should be something in it for everyone!

Duath Dagger red Master

Only 2 available
Agrippa Basket-Hilt

Agrippa II Rapier Bastard Master

Agrippa III rapier

Only 3 available
Alesia II longsword Master

Alesia II shortsword Master

Anselm herbs knife 2nd ED

Aredhel elven naginata

Arkhol naginata green Master

Arkhol naginata gunmetal Master

Only 2 available
Arkhol naginata red Master

Arm protection for archers

Arnulf bolt quiver canvas brown

Only 5 available
Baen Si II Sabre long Master

Only 4 available
Bailiff´s mace

Only 1 available
Balduin stage fight sword

Bartholomew Roberts pistol

Only 1 available
Bellator Bastardsword Sharpened

Only 2 available
Bellator II bastardsword

Berengar Shield 2nd Edition

Bernardo / Sicuro crossbow stirrup

Bernardo double crossbow

Only 3 available
Bernardo pistol crossbow

Bernardo/Sicuro crossbow stirrup lock

Only 4 available
Big Bertha II