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Button ball


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Product number: 973950
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Product information "Button ball"

This little button made of brass is kept simple. The shape of the button is able to enhance many a garment. An eyelet at the top makes it easy to sew on.

Material: brass

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Button half ball
The half-dome button is a practical replacement for sleeves, collars and other places where rather small buttons are attached. Material: brassDiameter: 0.9 cm The price refers to a pair of buttons.

Button sun disc
This small button from brass is flat and roun. It has a sun disc as embellishment in the front. An eyelet on the backside makes it easy to sew on. This button might upgrade any piece of clothing. Material: BrassMeasurements: ca. 1, 5 cm Ø

Button Rosette
This tiny button from messing is drop-shaped with a slightly twisted Rosette-ornament and a pin at its lower end. The elegant shape of this button might upgrade any piece of clothing. With an eyelet at its upper end, this button is easy to sew on. Material: brassMeasurements: ca. 1, 0 x 1, 0 cm

Button star
This small brass button is flat and round. It has a front embellishment in the shape of a star. An eyelet on the backside makes it easy to sew on. This button may be used to upgrade many a piece of clothing.Material: BrassMeasurements: approx. 1.5cm Ø  


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