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Landsknechttrommel Landsknecht Drum
A nice, jet natural drum without any superfluent detailing. The upper rim is painted in a different colour than the rest of it and therefore increases the instruments appearance. Great to combine with rustic costumes and for groups: be...
€169.90 *
Nizaris-Trommel Nizaris drum
Drums have been a military signal and messaging medium ever since the antiquity. Of course they were used as an instrument for amusement as well. The "Nizaris" drum is a long drum with a resonance skin on the opposing bottom. The goat...
€189.90 *
Turul-kleine-Trommel Turul small drum
The "Turul" drum is a frame drum with goat skin on both sides. You can beat it with either hand or the delivered, leather padded drum stick. It is perfectly made for the reenactment of shamanistic rituals or the accompanimant of...
€64.90 *
Wardrum Wardrum Wardrum
A nice, natural drum with no superfluent details. It is great for rustic costumes or for groups: be it beating the beat of a march or the evenings' entertainment drumming. The drum is covered with a natural skin (goat) and has a deep...
€159.90 *