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Chiudi filtri
Punta lancia Aella Punta lancia Aella
La lancia è stata usata per millenni come arma e come strumento per la caccia. La sua forma si presta bene al lancio e a tenere ben distante il nemico. Punta arrotondata e rinforzata e ali larghe, si può personalizzare a piacimento...
€ 24,89 *
Alessio small buckler blank Alessio small buckler blank Alessio small buckler blank
Our very first round shield, „Alessio“, comes in a historically well-tried shape – as a buckler. The typical round buckle in the middle is not only an adorment, but especially made for cushion...
€ 33,90 *
Franziska throwing axe stage fight Franziska throwing axe stage fight
The "francisca" or "frankish hatchet" is known as a classic among throwing axes. The Merovingians and the Franks already appreciated the small and reliable shape of this throwing axe. The curved...
€ 39,90 *