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Bragi helmet blank


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Product number: 986235
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Product information "Bragi helmet blank"

A classical viking helmet with a long nasal. It has got pretty curved applications in the front. The pointed toppart is reinforced with two crosswisely riveted steel straps. This gives it a militant look and makes it more robust against blows. It has got a cotton covered foam padding on the inside and two leather straps to make it fit tightly to the head.

Material: 1mm Steel

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Thore helmet
A classical "spangen helmet" from the early middle-ages. The surrounding riveted steel straps make it extremely robust against blows from the top. The long nasal offers good protection for the face without limiting the wearer´s fiel of vision. It has got a cotton covered foam padding on the inside and two leather straps to make it fit tightly to the head.Material: 1mm Steel

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Dietrich spangenhelmet
Spangenhelmets are described as helmets with a riveted band on the scull part - be it a single one or crosswise. These bands held the seperate pieces of the scull part together and named this kind of helmet. It was worn all around europe (and parts of central Asia) until the 11th century.Our "Dietrich" spangenhelmet is the most simple form of this kind: made with one central band along the scull part and detailed with an additional band wrapped around the rim.The helmet is being delivered with an inner liner of foam and a chin strap to hold it in place.Material: 1.2mm steelColour: blankSize: up to 61cm circumference

Eindal normans helmet
This helmet was designed following the exsample of the nothern european normanns helmet:Having a noseguard riveted to it´s forehead, this helmet should be renamed nasal helmet.It was widely spread over the entire continent, not exclusevly known to the normanns only. In it´s typical form this helmet has a high headpiece and the noseguard.Suitable not only for early-medieval or norman characters... We suggest to wear the combination of a chain coif or a padded coif with this helmet.Material: 1.2mm SteelColour: blank, browned

Roger nasalhelmet
A classical viking helmet assembled from two parts. The lower part is decorated with rivets. It has got a cotton covered foam padding on the inside and two leather straps to make it fit tightly to the head.Material: 1mm Steel

Blacwin nasal helmet
This typical Norman helmet is based on historical models and has its root in Northern Europe during the 11th and 12th centuries. This makes it an ideal helmet for the portrayal or Nordic characters. Norman helmets are often seen worn by Viking characters. If this helmet shape looks familiar, that's probably where you've seen it before. The helmet has an  inner lining.The nasal helmet was a variant of the spangenhelm featuring a nose-guard (nasal) that sometimes becomes wider towards the end. The helmet's top part is tapered, increasing its protective effect. As opposed to spangenhelms made of several parts and two-part visor helmets, nasal helmets were more commonly forged from a single iron plate from the 10th century on. Chainmail coifs were often worn under nasal helmets for additional protection.Material: steelSizes: small (56-58) and large (59-66)Colours: blank and burnished

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