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Einar belt

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Información sobre el producto "Einar belt"

Made of sturdy upper leather and studded with cast brass applications, the belt "Einar" with its celtic embellishments is ideal for costumes with a Nordic character.

Material: Upper leather, brass
Total length: 156 cm
Belt tongue: 7 cm
Width: 2.5 cm
Weight: Aprox. 280 g

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Eberhard belt
The leather uppers belt, cut from one single piece of thick hide, adorned with planty of brass applications.This belt was made from thick leather uppers. Its thickness and the width make it the perfect belt for holding a chainmail on your hips to release the weight from your shoulders.The five brass decoration plates along the strap are round and 2,7cm in diameter.Material: leather uppers, brassTotal length: 155cmBelts tip: 5cmWidth: 5cm

49,90 €*
Mattis belt
A leather belt cut from a single piece of thick leather uppers. Adorned with five stylised blossoms and massive buckle and tip made from cast brass, this belt can be used to hold the layers of clothing in place.The tip shows a cross underneath a crown.Material: upper leather, brassTotal length: 157cmBelts tip: 7cmWidth: 2cm

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Adalbert belt
A leather belt made from thick leather uppers.This belt was made along historical patterns and pictures. The buckle and the tip are, just as well as the six applications, cast from brass. This makes the belt not only stabile, but also a nice add-on to any costume.An important accessory for the noble players...Material: leather uppers, brassTotal length: 130cmBelts tip: 8,5Width: 3,5cm

49,90 €*
Einar belt
Made of sturdy upper leather and studded with cast brass applications, the belt "Einar" with its celtic embellishments is ideal for costumes with a Nordic character. Material: Upper leather, brassTotal length: 156 cmBelt tongue: 7 cmWidth: 2.5 cmWeight: Aprox. 280 g

44,90 €*
Einhard boot
A pair of durable boots made from durable upper leather.Tough boots are a neccessity when going on events and having bad weather: there is little worse, than wet feet in pain.These boots were made along historical patterns and pictures: they are being closed with two leather strings around your ankle.The heavy leather sole is nailed onto the top, so you can basically wear a historical replica boot. The thick upper leather repells rain and dirt as long as its greased thick enough.Material: upper leatherMeasurements: available from size 40 to 47Colours: available in brown and black

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Louis belt
A simple hand sewn belt with a decorative wrought iron buckle.We put a special effort into making this belt historical looking. No rivets were used, but a thick thread was used to sew the buckle onto the leather belt. This buckle is made from wrought iron and has the characteristic hammer strokes visible. Those were grided down to have a smooth surface.The leather pieces of the Mytholon series \\"Louis\\" are especially suitable for fans of living history. They are made of robust upper leather and sewn by hand. Rivets where used in none of these articles. The variation made of untreated leather can be dyed or greased at your convenience.Material: leather uppers and wrought ironMeasurements: 140cm x 4,5cm

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39,90 €*
Salerno healers belt
A large part of LRP is dealing with "wounds" and regeneration after a battle. This belt is the perfect piece of equipment for all characters with healing skills. It offers space for eight bandages that can be stowed away safely in separate compartments. It is closed with a double-d-ring strap and can be worn easily over other belts.If you're out of bandages the "Salerno" bandages bag is a good possibility to stock up.Material: 100% cottonColour: Brown, grey, black

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Zacharias pouch
A small pouch made from suede. It is being closed with two leather straps and can be tied to your belt by using them.A very simple, but oftentimes used item for all kinds of different "treasures". Available in two classic leather dies: brown and black.Material: suedeDiameter: app. 26cm

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Friedhelm multi pouch
This "multi bag" consists of four separate belt bags to be able to make full use of the space at your belt. Our "Friedhelm" series offers new ideas and suggestions. Its main material is suede leather which combines the flexibility of cloth with the toughness and the good looks of leather. Because of its neutral design it can be easily combined with other bags you might want to use. Naturally, "Friedhelm" comes at a low price. At many larp or medieval events you will be outdoors most of the time. Therefore it is very important to be able to store your equipment safely.Unisize: 8x14x5cmMaterial: suede, upper leatherThe price is for 4 separated bags.

49,90 €*
Leather waterskin
In warm weather we recommend our leather waterskin. It is made of soft suede. The closure is made of hygienic plastic. The liquid is kept in a plastic bladder.Material: plastic, suede

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