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Every costume can be improved by accessories! A basic but tough looking belt together with some bags adds an adventurous flavour to ones' costume. On the other hand, a decorated belt complete with a well filled purse might make the same character look more like a wealthy merchant or nobleman.

Details like these will greatly influence your costume.
In this category we offer you a wide range of bags, scabbards, belts, weapon holders, jewelry and more.
It's not only costumes that are upgraded by accessories, but also your tent or entire campsite will be improved by small items that add to the atmosphere. Especially for the everyday life at an event we offer a great variety of wares. From cutlery to hollow-ware, from clothing hooks to tent pegs: Here you'll find all the things to improve your camplife.
Many of you will want to make their own clothing, weapons or accessories. For those creative people we offer several different kinds of fabric and other materials that may help you with your projects!

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"Elfenwelten" Artbook (German)

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Angus fibula big

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Angus fibula small

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Anite buckle

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Anselm chefs knife

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Anselm fork small

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Anselm herb cutter

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Anselm kitchen gloves white

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Arno knife

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Arrowhead 3

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