Adolar belt

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Información sobre el producto "Adolar belt"

A simple belt made from split leather with a brass buckle. Use it as a weapon carrier or as a fine detail on your costume.

Length: 156cm
Width: 3,5cm
Material: split leather, brass

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Doran ring belt
European belt buckles have been dated back to the Roman Empire. Prior to the buckle the roman and germanic people used a ring, made from various materials. This shape of buckle was used until the medieval period. The "Doran" series' ring belt copies this shape of buckle. The belt is made from split leather and grades almost every costume up, as the characteristic medieval knot shows the wearer linked to this period. The belt is tightened by pulling the strap through the ring a little more, than needed and securing it right behind it. The upper end is pulled through the loop then and lead to to the bottom - simple as it sounds: this is it! The knot is tightened and stays in place now. We advice to use leather fat on a regulat basis for the caretaking of split leather. Our "Gold Quality" leather fat will certainly be the best choice. Material: split leather Length: 140 cm Width: 4 cm Colour: black, brown Weight: app. 170 g

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Doran belt wide
Belts are inseparable from the hobby of the middle Ages and fantasy. Swords, belt bags or drinking horns are attached to them, shirts and tunics get their unmistakable, medieval form only through a belt. The wide split leather belt "Doran" is a solid base model for all occasions and costume ideas. Available in brown and black, it is closed with a sturdy roll buckle. The belt is made up of two riveted segments.   Material: Split leather Length: 134 cm Width: 4.5 cm Weight: approx. 150 g Colour: Black, brown

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Sword holder laced straight
This simple weapon holder is made of robust splitleather. A really useful and inexpensive option to carry your sword. Material: SplitleatherColour: black, brown

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Adolar belt
A simple belt made from split leather with a brass buckle. Use it as a weapon carrier or as a fine detail on your costume.Length: 156cmWidth: 3,5cmMaterial: split leather, brass

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Jonathan shirt canvas cream
The cotton shirt "Jonathan" differs from the shirt "Ansgar" in the cutaway collar and the button closing the sleeve cuffs. The robust cotton fabric makes this shirt just perfect for hot summer days outside.Material: cotton

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Philipp pants cotton brown Discontinued
Discontinued, only while stocks lastOne could say, that "horses forced humans into wearing pants." The oldes known pants were found close to thewest chinese city of Turfan. Some 3200 years old, it was the typical legwear of the mounted warrior. Counting as a piece of "barbaric" clothing in most of Europe, it spread very quickly and became one of the most common garments in todays culture. The simple cut of the "Philipp" pants make it a very universal garment for many different costumes. Be it wide overgarment or underneath a full plate armour - the generous cut and the high waisband provide the neccessary movability in all situations. An additional lace tying on the waist allows a tight fit for any wearer. The airy cut and the moisture absorbing traits make this the ideal summer pants. They will look great not onbly on a medieval market, LARP event or on the battlefield: this summer could use them well as slacks... even without a horse. Material: cotton

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