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Armour is not only worn for protection. It is also a part of your costume. Like no other piece of equipment, it tells you a lot about a Larp character or about the background of a historically oriented figure at a reenactment event or medieval market.

The armour you wear also defines the way to fight. It may be light and easy to move in, so it can well be used for skirmishing on the flanks of the enemy battle line. Heavy armour on the other hand will enable you to last much longer in a drawn out fight!
The armour you wear will also depend upon the kind of character class you will want to play. A wizard in plate armour not only will look kind of strange, but in most game settings or rule systems he will not be allowed to use his magic! But leather armour should be possible and could give a wizard some protection if he is caught in a melee.
As you can imagine, it is necessary for us to offer a wide range of armour types to meet a lot of different requirements. For this reason our variety of products is quite big.

Our plate armours have been designed by the famous "Hammerkunst" craftsmen for the most part.
For those who want to abstain from using metal armour, we offer a wide variety of leather armours, from simple bracers, greaves or archer's bracers to intricately decorated armour sets.

Our leather armours are produced mainly from high quality upper leather, but we also offer variants made from less expensive split leather. We are especially proud to be able to offer you leather armours made by "Fucina del Drago" in Italy!

Made from thousands of interlocking steel rings, chainmail offers good protection as well as a high degree of mobility to the wearer.
You may choose chainmail shirts in different sizes, colours or with butted or riveted rings. We also offer a wide range of chainmail accessories, like chainmail leggings or coifs.

Here you will also find some useful accessories, including armour maintenance equipment, leather straps, helmet stands etc.

Enjoy rummaging through Mytholon's armoury!

Adam belt shield blank

11,90 €*
Adam belt shield browned

12,90 €*
Adam greaves burnished

34,90 €*
Adam guard set blank

49,90 €*
Adam guard set browned

54,89 €*
Adam spaulders large

69,90 €*
Adam spaulders large burnished

79,90 €*
Solo 5 disponible
Albrecht armour set black

549,90 €*
Albrecht armour set brown

549,90 €*
Albrecht spaulders

129,90 €*
Albrecht spaulders brown

129,90 €*
Solo 2 disponible
Alistair bracers deluxe black

59,90 €*
Solo 3 disponible
Solo 2 disponible
Anite buckle

3,50 €*
Solo 2 disponible
Antonius helmet deluxe brown

139,90 €*
Solo 3 disponible
Solo 5 disponible