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Adam guard set browned

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Información sobre el producto "Adam guard set browned"

We offer you the "Adam" guard set, consisting of bracers & greaves for a discounted set price.

Material: 1.2mm steel
Colour: browned

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Adam guard set blank
We offer you the "Adam" guard set, consisting of bracers & greaves for a discounted set price. Material: 1.2mm steelColour: blank

49,90 €*
Balthasar guard set blank
We offer the "Balthasar" bracers & greaves for a discounted set price. Material: 1.2mm steelColour: blank

49,90 €*
Balthasar guard set browned
We offer the "Balthasar" bracers & greaves for a discounted set price.Material: 1.2mm steelColour: browned

59,90 €*
Adam bracers
Our "Adam" bracers are a little bit shorter than their cousins from our other series. Because of this they will also fit adolescents or smaller people. Additionally, like all the other "Adam" armour parts, it has a corrugation along the rim.Material: 1.2mm steelColour: blank, brownedMeasurements: 20cm length, 17cm on top, 13cm on the bottom

24,89 €*
Vladimir large set browned
Consisting of:- Vladimir torso browned- Vladimir spaulders browned- Vladimir armour belt browned- Vladimir bracers browned- Vladimir greaves browned

679,89 €*

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Leopold padded greaves
These padded greaves provide comfort! Worn underneath steel greaves your armour will be way "lighter" and more comfortable.The greaves are being closed by leather strings on your calf.Sold in pairs.Material: Canvas, PolyesterLength: 42cmLeather is a product of nature and may take dyes differently. The actual hue may differ from the image. 

14,90 €*
Adam spaulders large burnished
The large spaulders of the "Adam" series are made of three moving segments. These are attached to a generous, two-part shoulder segment, giving the wearer great freedom of movement. Like the entire "Adam" series, these large spaulders have a simple elegance. The typical bead adorns the curved main segment and gives it additional stability. The large spaulders are well suited to complement a heavy armour and can be combined with any Mytholon plate gorget.   Material: 1.2mm steelLength: 31cmWidth: 38cm Weight: 2.3kgColour:burnished

79,90 €*
Mytholon Chainmail Bag
Attention, material and colour are random and cannot be ordered specifically!In order to conserve resources, we manufacture robust, practical bags from the leftovers in our textile production. Many already know them from our shops, festivals or other events, where we have been adding them to your purchases instead of plastic bags for many years. Our chainmail bags are practical drawstring bags that are particularly useful for carefully storing or transporting oiled armor parts. Since they are recycled from leftovers, the color and material are unfortunately not freely selectable.Materials: cotton or wool (70% wool, 20% polyester, 10% viscose)Dimensions (may vary): ~40 x ~40 cm, strap length ~60 cm

1,00 €*
Rafael shirt cotton
The "Rafael" shirt is made from light cotton. Its lavish cut and cottons properties make it the ideal shirt for hot summer days. Because of cottons property of soaking up moisture and transporting it away from the wearers body, it is suitable as an undergarment for men and women alike. Being fabricated along historical patterns, this shirt is rather simple. The necks opening is very wide and can be pulled tight with the stabile strings on each side. Especially the wide cut sleeves, which can be tied above the wrists, are very airy and show the light character of the shirt.Combine this shirt with a pair of pants and a simple belt and belt bag combination to recieve a basic costume for medieval markets and LARPs. The belt is not included in this offer, but we invite you to take a closer look in our stock - there might be something in there for you...Material: cottonSizes: S - XXL

34,90 €*
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Finger protection for archers
A simple finger guard for archers. The loops are worn over ring-, middle and forefinger to improve the grip on the bowstring. It is fixed with a velcro strip a the back of the wrist so that is doesn´t interfere with the bowstring when shooting.

12,00 €*