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Georg greaves browned

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Información sobre el producto "Georg greaves browned"

A pair of nicely detailled greaves with beaded edge and lots of rivets along the ridge.
The matching greaves from the Georg series are best worn with the bracers from the same series.
They are being closed with a pair of strap-buckles on nthe backside of the calf.

Material: 1.2mm steel
Measurements: Length: 35cm; Width: 25cm/25cm

Eigenschaften "Georg greaves browned"
Color: bruñido

Accessory Items

Ballistol spray
THE universal spray made by the Ballistol company. Can be used for metal, just as well as leather and various other materials. A well known care product for animals paws and fur; a true allrounder, completly untoxic. We advise it for metal armour care and protection of leather armours.The practical 50ml spray can for your journeys, or the large 200ml spray can for your home.Please read the containers warnings section.Can not be exported outside the EU due to EU-law.

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Richard shield cover
This triangular shield cover is part of our clever shield system. It is made of robust cotton fabric. On the back it has got a drawstring that is used to fix it round the shield. Additionally is has got several strap loops for the tie straps on the shield.Height: 80cmWidth: 52cm

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Mantikor spaulders
The spaulders "Arthax" by "Fucina del Drago" and are handmade from high-quality upper leather. Made up of four moving segments, they almost look like plate spaulders. Circumferential decorative beading, as well as a finely embossed hammer stroke décor on the upper arm and shoulder segment give this leather armor a lot of detail and structure. With a width of 46 cm, "Artax" belong to the largest leather spaulders from our assortment. They can be complemented, with a little craft work, ideally by our leather besagews. The Italian company "Fucina del Drago" ,in english "Dragon Forge", is known for particularly beautiful leather products. Only high-quality leather is processed there. Elaborate handcraftings and the antique patina make these armor parts a real eye-catcher. Material: LeatherLength: 35 cmWidth: 46 cmColours: Brown, black, green, dark red   Leather is a natural product and reacts to dye products differently. The hue may differ from the picture.

99,90 €*
Barba de mago de cabello natural
Con esta barba, puedes representar fácilmente a un mago de pelo blanco o cualquier otro tipo de personaje canoso. El bigote está anudado a mano y hecho de cabello natural. Los diferentes tonos de las rayas hacen que parezca especialmente realista. Se puede aplicar masilla en la parte posterior de la base de la red para pegar la barba a la cara del usuario.INCLUIDO EN LA ENTREGA:Combinación de barba mago:• barba en la barbilla hecha de pelo sintético modacrílico plus• bigote hecho de cabello natural• 2 x 2 ml cola adhesiva Mastix

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Finger protection for archers
A simple finger guard for archers. The loops are worn over ring-, middle and forefinger to improve the grip on the bowstring. It is fixed with a velcro strip a the back of the wrist so that is doesn´t interfere with the bowstring when shooting.

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Georg greaves blank
A pair of nicely detailled greaves with beaded edge and lots of rivets along the ridge.The matching greaves from the Georg series are best worn with the bracers from the same series.They are being closed with a pair of strap-buckles on nthe backside of the calf.Material: 1.2mm steelMeasurements: Length: 35cm; Width: 25cm/25cm

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Whether for your morning coffee at work, your after-work beer at home or your spiced wine on the medieval fair, this coaster will shine on every occasion and give your beverages a nice touch. Handmade in Italy by "Fucina del drago", these leather coasters are a special extension to our line of products. We recommend using them with our clay beer tankards or wine goblets.  Material: upper leatherLength: 10.5cmWidth: 10.5cm

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Balthasar spaulders small
The small shoulders "Balthasar " provide high stability with maximum mobility. Each of the four flexibly connected segments was fitted with a bead and the typical Balthasar riveting strip. This does not only look very noble, it also significantly increases the stability of the segments. Together with sturdy rivets made of solid steel, these shoulders hold many battles without deforming. They are well suited to complement a ' noble ' armor and for all armor carriers that want to show some prosperity. Like all Mytholon plate shoulders, this one is of course compatible with all our plates gorgets. Material: SteelLength: 31 cmWeight: 1.5 kgsColours: blank, burnished

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George armour cloak
A simple but stylish cloak. What is special about it is the binding. Two long straps have to be crossed over the chest, behind the back and knotted around the belly. Thus the cloak stays in place and does not pull at the throat even if the wearer is moving a lot. It goes along perfectly well with armour as it will cover the binding in the front and the cloak will fit nicely around the collar.

34,90 €*
Georg bracers browned
A pair of nicely detailled bracers.The cut away part leaves a nice asymetrical shape. This cut ensures the bending of the arm completly. Good movement is important, when dressed in plate metal.The deep ridge along the edge and the rivets along the bordering leave a distinctive style visible. They are being closed with a pair of straps and buckles in the back.Well decorated, jet made for practical use, this is a nice pair of bracers. Material: 1.2mm steelMeasurements: Length: 26cm; Width: 21cm/17cm

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Bron hood wool
A simple hood that protects the head from rain and keeps you warm around the throat. A useful accessory worn with any kind of tunic or cloak. Material: wool Colour: black, brownCircumference neck: app. 60cm Length: 45cm

29,90 €*