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Lucas gorget

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Información sobre el producto "Lucas gorget"

This small gorget was designed for young heroes and ladies - bigger necks will have difficulties fitting in there.
The gorget is being closed with a buckle on the right shoulder and opened on the left one. It is made with a short "turtle neck", having a completly different appearance as any other gorget on the market. There are no fixpoints for spaulders attached on this gorget.

Attention: The bump on the lower backside is for ergonomic fitting and NOT a damage.

Material: 1.2mm steel
Colour: blank

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Edward full arm guard
The full armguard from the "Edward" series is big enough to be worn on top of a gambeson and even the padded jacket with an additional chain mail.The upper part is being fixed to the spaulders on the inner side. The arm guard itself is then fitted to the wearers arm by the straps and buckles on upper arm, elbow and forearm.The inner elbow is being protected by the "shell", as the plate piece on the outside of the guard is called. The forearm is closed inside a two-piece pipe - you will not need any bracers in addition to this piece here.Material: 1.2mm steelColours: blank, browned with blank edges

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Lucas breastplate
The products from our "Lucas" series are specially designed for the young heroes. They look like the ones for adults but are cut a lot smaller. Additionally we put a lot of emphasis on flexible sizes so that they can "grow" a little bit with the young wearers. The breastplate is composed of two inflexible pieces and has an extra short cut. It is closed crosswisely with two leather straps on the back and therefore quite variable in its size. Additionally you can bend it carefully to make it fit to the young wearers circumference.Material: Steel 1mmColor: blank or browned

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69,90 €*
Lambert gorget
The gorget of our “Lambert” series stands out through its curved shape. A flexibly mounted neck segment allows comfortably adjusting the size of the neck cutout. That means you can make sure the gorget won’t fit uncomfortable or chafe your skin. Additionally, the two-part gorget was joined movably in the nape area, which also contributes to a significantly increased wearing comfort. The gorget “Lambert” is a great choice for all wearers of armour that value functionality and wearing comfort. We recommend wearing a gambeson jacket or padded collar underneath the gorget to avoid bruises and abrasions. Material: steel, leather Width: 40cm Weight: approx. 1kg

49,90 €*
Mina gorget
"Mina" was made as an armour for women. Naturally we had to resign from historical patterns, as equality was not that popular amongst the medieval knight. Today we are proud to announce, that there is a way to dress strong women for the battlefield - using this armour set, you will not only be good looking on the field of glory, ladies! The gorget is, just like the entire "Mina" series, built similary to the "Balthasar" series: decorations with rivets along the edge beading are a returning design element in both armours. Both armour series can easily be combined with each other. A slim built and swung lines provide a delicate shape to this gorget. It does not overlap with the chest plate or spaulders, so that you can use the space for creative costume pieces. It also offers more movability to this area. The gorget is being closed with a brass pin and a leather strap. Material: 1,2 mm steelCircumference (neck): 44 cm Length: 37 cm Width: 25,5 cm Weight: app. 800 g Colour: blank, browned

49,90 €*
Markward gorget
The gorget of the "Markward" series is not only special because of its rather technical design, it also differs in its construction from conventional plate gorgets. By a flexibly suspended throat element, the size can be varied there. This avoids that the gorget scrubs and presses on the throat. In addition, the two-part gorget was movably joined in the neck area. This also increases the wearing comfort significantly. The gorget "Markward" is well suited for all armor wearers who value functionality and comfort. Material: steelLength: 52 cmLength front part: 21cmTotal width: 38cmWeight: 3.8 Kg

34,90 €*

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Gustav belt shield
Our belt shields can be painted in groups colours, insignia or heraldry to show the membership to a certain group. Made from 1,2 mm steel, we offer them in our favorite plate armour series now. Matching the "Gustav" series, this shield is not decorated, but meets the series' style with plain and undecorated beauty. It is worn on a belt by using the two loops on the top to hoist it through there. Naturally it can be worn as a tasset, when fastened on the upper thigh. This way you will have an additional plate armour piece. The belt shields, just like our arm shields, cry out to be painted, modded and to be combined with existing clothing. This is, where your creativity and immagination comes into place. Talking of creativity: We suggest to clean the shield with Acetone prior to painting it. Afterwards just sand it with a paper with 600 grid. Use some automobile colour primer as the colour-matching foundation. When the foundation is fully dried, you should sand it again and apply a second layer of colour. Now is the time, where you can paint your details, like heraldry, animals and writings with weatherproof acrylic paint. Material: 1.2 mm steel Length: 24 cm Width: 18 cm Weight: app. 350 g Colour: blank, browned

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Borchard five-bag-belt black
The bag belt from the "Borchard" series is ideal for organising a lot of equipment and having it ready to hand quickly.Whether healer, mercenary, alchemist or adventurer, in this combination of robust belt and five bags you will find everything you could need on the way. The practical pocket belt can be conveniently stored back in the camp.All pockets are closed at the front with a loop over a button, the belt has two practical rings to adjust it to the desired circumference.If you want to carry even more equipment, you can also connect two belts and use them as shoulder belts. The bag belt can also be attached to backpacks and knapsacks.A true organizational talent! length of the belt: 120 cmPocket length: 6 cmBag width: 4 cmPocket height: 11 cmMaterial: 100% cotton

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Lyra fibula
This pretty fibula is used as fastener for cloaks and capes, but can also be attached just for decoration. It is made of robust steel and therefore also suitable for slightly thicker fabrics like wool.Material: SteelDiameter small fibula: 8cmDiameter large fibula: 10cm

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Ansgar shirt canvas cream
Pirates shirt, medieval shirt...This shirt is known by many names. Developed in the Renaissance, brave musketeers, pirates and swashbucklers, but also flower power kids from the 1960s\\' have worn similar models. Ever since the fantastic and medieval world has us wearing costumes - this shirt got certain place in every wardrobe and is suitable for many costumes.Made from heavy cotton by Mytholon, this shirt is available in a wide variety of colours and builts a foundation for many different costumes - be it fantastic or historic.The lace tying allows the shirt to be worn open when warm and tied close when cold outside. The sleeves are cut very wide and \\"puffy\\", allowing movement when fighting or dancing. The wide cuffs are being closed with a lace.It is a shirt for many occasions, not only as a costume, but also as a leisure time piece...Material: cotton canvasSizes: from S to XXL

34,90 €*