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Luka gugel wool Discontinued

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Información sobre el producto "Luka gugel wool Discontinued"

Discontinued, only while stocks last

A real classic, suitable both for fans of re-enactment as well as active larpers.
This gugel with shoulderflaps offers protection against bad weather and embodies medieval fashion like few other pieces of clothing do.
We offer it in wool and cotton.

"Luka" differs from similar hoods due to its round dags as well as a long liripipe.

Material: wool
Colours: black, brown, burgundy
Head opening: approx. 30cm
Length of liripipe: approx. 117cm
Shoulder width: 43cm
Shoulder part (front): approx. 32cm
Shoulder part (back): approx. 42cm

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69,90 €*
Luka gugel wool Discontinued
Discontinued, only while stocks lastA real classic, suitable both for fans of re-enactment as well as active larpers.This gugel with shoulderflaps offers protection against bad weather and embodies medieval fashion like few other pieces of clothing do.We offer it in wool and cotton."Luka" differs from similar hoods due to its round dags as well as a long liripipe. Material: woolColours: black, brown, burgundyHead opening: approx. 30cmLength of liripipe: approx. 117cmShoulder width: 43cmShoulder part (front): approx. 32cmShoulder part (back): approx. 42cm

27,91 €* 39,90 €* (ahorro del 30.05%)
anteriormente 39,90 €*

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49,90 €*
Gustav jacket canvas black/bordeaux Discontinued
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48,90 €* 69,90 €* (ahorro del 30.04%)
anteriormente 69,90 €*