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Galino thrownig dagger holster brown 2nd ED

Galino thrownig dagger holster brown 2nd ED

The versatile throwing dagger holster by "Fucina del Drago" in the second edition.
Made of sturdy upper leather, this holster offers you the possibility to attach it to your equipment almost anywhere. On the back there are two D-rings to detach the holster with carabiners or to look for individual solutions with leather straps.
The holster offers space for 3 throwing daggers from our assortment.
The 5 cm wide belt slots allow this holster to be pulled through really wide belts.

Material: upper leather
Length: 27 cm
width: 11,5 cm

Leather is a natural product and accepts dyes differently. The colour shade may differ from the illustration.

29,15 € *

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