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Yrsa pendant with runes bronze

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Tempi di consegna 2-5 giorni

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Info sui prodotti "Yrsa pendant with runes bronze"

A talisman of the Vikings, a so called "Oegishjakmr" from fine cast bronze.

Diameter 3,9 cm

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The "Uta" tassel disc was made based on the model of coat fasteners on historical statues, as can often be found in medieval churches and monasteries. Tassel discs like these were worn in pairs in the High Middle Ages and were often connected with a chain or a tassel strap. On the back of the tassel disc there is a bar to which the so-called tassel strap is attached. As various images of tassel coats show, the tassel disc was usually passed through a slot in the coat and closed like a large button. The tassel coat was worn by both men and women. It was a representative item of clothing for the upper classes and was not really useful for ordinary people who were committed to the day-to-day work - because the weight of the tassel the coat tends to slip a little over the shoulders. And so it was customary and a sign of their class to simply put a hand gallantly behind the tassel band, and so simply hold the tassel coat tight.Material: zamakDiameter: 5 cm

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Yrsa pendant with runes
A rustic talisman of the Vikings, a so called "Oegishjalmr" from rustic cast brass. Diameter 3.9 cm  

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Bird of prey brooch
A bronze-coloured brooch in the shape of a bird of prey. Material: bronze Length: 4cm Width: 2cm

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Urnes garment hook
The garment hook "Urnes" is adorned with ornaments from the late viking age around 1100 AD. and shows two midgard snakes. This finely crafted garment hook is ideal as a closure for tunics and dresses, as well as a dainty mantle clasp.It is cast from real bronze and is silvered. Material: bronze, silverDimensions: 6.5 cm x 3.2 cm

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Perseus long dagger Veteran
"Perseus long dagger Veteran" is a plain long dagger with slight ornamentation on the pommel. Made from tear-resistant Calimacil foam, it is very durable as well as stable in shape. A quick weapon for close combat or as a parrying dagger for your left hand.All "Calimacil" products are manufactured by hand in a small workshop in Canada. While we do our best to have all articles in stock at all times, there may still be delivery delays of up to 10 weeks if products are sold out.Disclaimer: All items shown here were specially designed to safely portray fights in controlled environments like live roleplay events, theatre stages etc. The foam weapons consist of a glass fibre reinforced plastic rod as the core, fully encapsulated in soft foam to avoid injuries.

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Friedhelm multi pouch
This "multi bag" consists of four separate belt bags to be able to make full use of the space at your belt. Our "Friedhelm" series offers new ideas and suggestions. Its main material is suede leather which combines the flexibility of cloth with the toughness and the good looks of leather. Because of its neutral design it can be easily combined with other bags you might want to use. Naturally, "Friedhelm" comes at a low price. At many larp or medieval events you will be outdoors most of the time. Therefore it is very important to be able to store your equipment safely.Unisize: 8x14x5cmMaterial: suede, upper leatherThe price is for 4 separated bags.

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ATTENZIONE: questo articolo è in edizione limitata, disponibile fino ad esaurimento scorte.

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Limm knife
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