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Griffin short sword - Calimacil

This elaborate made upholstery weapon from Calimacil is suitable for nobles, knights and wealthy adventurers alike. Celtic inspired, this short sword is beautifully decorated and, of course, made from the tear-resistant Calimacil foam.

Material: Calimacil foam, Fiberglass

Total length: 76 cm
Grip length: 22 cm
Weight: 300 g

All items made by the manufacturer "Calimacil" are hand-crafted in Canada. We´re always trying to keep every item in stock, unfortunately there may still be waiting periods up to 10 weeks for out of stock items.

Disclaimer: All items shown here were especially designed to safely portray fights in controlled environments like liveroleplay events, theater stages etc.. The foam weapons are made with a glass reinforced plastic rod as a core, fully encapsulated in soft foam to avoid injuries.

89,90 € *

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