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Danika buckle

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Información sobre el producto "Danika buckle"

A finely cast brass buckle. Ideal for closing narrow belts and straps.

Suitable for belts up to 1,3 cm wide.

Material: brass 
dimensions: 3,3 cm x 2,2 cm

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Dual buckle flowers
This massive brass buckle with flower decoration can be used for crafting and repairs. We recommend a belt width of ~ 2 cm. Material: brassDimensions:Length: 4 cmWidth: 2.8 cm

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A robust leather band with either a round or a squared profile, especially tearproof and more decorative than the standard types.Material: LeatherLength: Approx. 180cmDiameter: 3mm

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Anite buckle
This double buckle with pin is used on all attachments, that need the rest of the rim fixated, for example on armours. This item is sold in single pieces. Material: BrassLength: 4,3cmWidth: 2,5cmmax. rim width: 14mm

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Hunting dog belt fitting brass
A brass belt fitting in the shape of a hunting dog. Material: brass

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Schleswig belt set
The two-piece belt set "Schleswig" consists of a belt tongue and a long buckle. Made of brass and cast by hand, it is inspired by belt decorations of the Vikings. Suitable for belts from 1 cm to 1,5 cm wide Material: brasstongue dimensions: 1,3 cm x 6, 3 cmDimensions of the buckle: 2 cm x 7 cm  

3,90 €*

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Our belt shields can be painted in groups colours, insignia or heraldry to show the membership to a certain group. Made from 1,2 mm steel, we offer them in our favorite plate armour series now. This belt shield was, just like the entire "Lucas" series, built with a corrugation along the edge. It is worn on the belt, which is pulled through the two leather belt loops on the top. Naturally it can be worn as a small tasset on the thigh. The belt shields are, just like our arm shields, ideal to be painted, modded and combined with existing costume parts. This is, where your creativity and immagination comes into place. Talking of creativity: We suggest to clean the shield with Acetone prior to üainting it. Afterwards just sand it with a paper with 600 grid. Use some automobile colour primer as the colour-matching foundation. When the foundation is fully dried, you should sand it again and apply a second layer of colour. Now is the time, where you can paint your details, like heraldry, animals and writings with weatherproof acrylic paint. Material: 1,2 mm steel Length: 24 cm Width: 18 cm Weight: app. 350 g

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Ansgar shirt canvas brown
Lacing shirt, pirate shirt, medieval shirt...First risen to popularity in the Middle Ages, this shirt is known by many names today. Lacing shirts like this are associated with the Renaissance, brave musketeers, pirates and swashbucklers, but also flower power kids from the 1960s. Ever since this shirt has become a staple of the fantasy and medieval world, we call it costume shirt.Made from sturdy cotton by Mytholon, this shirt is available in a wide variety of colours. It serves as a basis for historical outfits – or costume, as it were, like few other garments do.The lacing allows the shirt to be worn open on warm days and tied close when it's cold outside. The sleeves are very generously cut and allow great freedom of movement when fighting and dancing. The wide cuffs are each closed by means of a lacing.This is a shirt for many occasions, not only as a costume, but also as a comfortable leisure shirt.Material: cotton canvasSizes: S to XXL

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Ruwen knife
The "Ruwen" knife completes our cutlery series.It is completely made from stainless steel and has the hardwood handles riveted to the grip. The knifes blade is not only handy on the dinnertable, but also in kitchen works.A nice experience on every medieval or fantastic table.Material: stainless steelLength: 25 cmBlade: 13 cm This article is a medieval prop that is only produced in small quantities. For this reason, expensive food certification is uneconomical or would have a massive impact on the selling price. Therefore we are obligated to the following notice: Prop - not certified or suitable for contact with food.

4,99 €* 14,90 €* (ahorro del 66.51%)
Harald bracers
A pair of bracers with central bending.Looking quite like the "Georg" series' bracers, we left the rivets and additional beading along the ridge be and offer a central bending instead. This allows the material to be less fexible and being more stiff along the longside.They are being closed around the forearm by two buckle-straps.Material: 1.2mm steelLength: 27cmWidth: 22cm/17cm

34,90 €*